Phil o Zoophily : Truths & Lies, Nature of Knowledge

I have a friend named Phil, say hi Phil.

 You see, Phil is a zoophiliac. He likes fucking animals. Cats, dogs, pigs, horses, chickens and...

I really like rabbits.
Shut the fuck up, Phil.

So, me and Phil have banded together to tell you about some stuff.

Today's subject is jumbled mess but it's mostly about the nature of knowledge.

Knowledge vs Information

Let's start by defining somethings first.
There is a clear difference between knowledge and information.

Information is the data without any use or apparent practicality.
"I am stupid" is a sentence conducting information to you, but what you are to do with it is not specified.

Knowledge on the other hand is directly derived data from information.
"I am stupid so this post is entirely stupid and doesn't need to be read." the information specifies that my stupidity makes this post redundant and you would do well not to read it. From information we derived the knowledge.

Usually your brain translates information it encounters to knowledge, but this is entirely dependent on your intelligence. In many instances it is also dependent on your knowledge base.

For instance;

"+" is an operator that adds two values together and produces a result.
This is an information. Also you need to have previous knowledge on numbers to properly use this operator.

If I say "What is 2+2?", then you take the information about the "+" operator and having previous knowledge on the values you derive the new knowledge. Which is "4".

Your example sucked, lambda.
Yeah? Well, can you do better, asshole?

 Just say that the information is "Today is rainy."
the knowledge would be "Get an umbrella."

Oh... okay.

Now that Phil cleared things out we can move on.

Your Brain Is A Knowledge Factory

Information you acquire about the world is perceived through your senses and fed into the brain. Which produced the knowledge.
You see that it's raining with your eyes or maybe you heard on the radio a weather forecast and believed it.

Here is the whole process:

Your senses took in the information about the outside world and translated it into useable knowledge.
More like a factory, useless plastic pellets go in, useful plastic dildos come out. Easy.

Enough with the examples, they already got it.
Fine, fine. Hold onto your chickens.

I do.
Ooookay... So what I'm trying to say...

...and fail miserably...

...is that there is a clear difference between the real world, where information is happening. And the mental world where knowledge is produced.

Let's setup the nature of the universe:

As  far as this debate goes, the universe is a mathematical universe which is limited by the laws of physics.

Let's do a food analogy: If math is flour then physics is the baked cake and system is the cake finished with it's decorations and whatnots.

Mathematics are the rules that the universe is based upon, think of math as not so much about the operators and values but as a flow of values within functions. Functions are the underlying properties of a mathematical universe and everything is connected to them. Values are just the initialized quantities which make up the physical universe. Without physics there are no values, just functions.

You are losing it, idiot.
Shut up, Phil.

Physics on the other hand are the rules governing energy and matter. From sub-atomic particles to the entire universe, one law governs the entire thing and that is physics. Chemistry is of course being the more specialized version of physics, which is strictly about the forces keeping matter together and their relations.

System is:

   A system is a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex/intricate whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influenced by its environment, described by its structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning.

That was the wiki explanation. My understanding of a system is anything that is contained within itself to have some effect into the universe it exists.

Here are examples of systems: Human, State, Planet, Galaxy, Atom, Proton, Gun, Forest.

All these things have elements inside them that interact with the whole and have some effect to the system. Then this system is in turn interracts with the universe.

For instance a state is usually composed of a ruling caste, a military caste and a worker caste. These castes interact with each other in many ways but they also have minor or major effects on the universe. A state might chop down a rain forest and kill lots of animals, which is their major effect. However they might not have the power to alter the geography of the planet they are on, which is their minor effect. Major and minor means, effective and not so effective, respectively.

You fucked everything up, it's a jumbled mess.
I know, Phil. Can't help it, my mind is fucked, I'm sleeping the entire day through and live at nights like a vampire.

Yeah, like a Twilight vampire.
Fuck you.

Fuck you back, bella.
Isn't that the girl vampire?

I don't know man, I like watched only the first movie or so.

Perception and Reality

Up until now we established two things.

1. Our brains are the intermediary between the universe and our mind.
2. A material universe is a mathematical universe confined by the laws of physics.

We can come up with other types of universes but most of the popular ideas including the Abrahamic ones are based upon this kind of material universe with some tweaks.

So this reasoning is valid for most universes.

Your perception is generated by your intelligence, previous knowledge base and your personality. If you hate something then you would be creating the knowledge related to that subject in a negative way.

When you are reading something your mind disects it and gives them to you in a modified way. That is perception.
In this regard perception means that you have a distorted view of the real universe.

This is also proven by visual illusions.

These lines are horizontal
The inner squares are the same color
Having such distorted views about the realities of the universe, we tend to be so cocksure about our correctness and purity.

We have established another fact:
- Our perception is perverted and unrealistic

So how do still live? Why don't we walk into cars and generally increase our population?

The answer is ABSTRACTION.

We cannot and will not know the exact nature of the universe, it's impossible. This means that everything we know is a lie, or a "best representation that our brain can create via sensory inputs".
Everything you think you know is just a virtual reality inside your brain. They are not real. They are a best approximation, an abstraction.

The funny thing is we have to absolutionist extremes in this world. Theists and Atheists. Both these groups claim that they know the nature of the universe and there cannot be any fault to their knowledge.
Theists do this by saying they know the will of God, which is the perfect creator of everything.
Atheists do this by saying that science is awesome and knows a lot.

Well the thing about science is that it is based on physical reality. And the way we learn about scientific facts is through experimentation. Then we conduct this information through people, books and internet, which are all amazingly corruptable.

As a human you can't do all the scientific experiments in every pico-second to see if it is still valid and many experiments is way too impossible to do or expensive. As an individual I don't have the means to recreate every experiment done by CERN in my home. So I have to take other people's word for it.

Science works on too much "trust and faith" don't you think? Like a religion, huh?
Well now that I alienated half of my readers, which are 2 people at most. Let's turn on the other group.

Yes you, theists scum.

Theism works entire on "trust and  faith". You either trust your elders of religion to guide you or you need to have faith that what you think you know is absolutely correct. Those look terribly corruptable to me.

We are alone, Phil. I scared them all away.

Awesome. Let's post porn and sick shit.
I was thinking of writing some more about...

Phil, stop! Oh, god. What the fuck are you doing? Now I have to mark the post 18+. This isn't a porn blog you know.

Who cares. It was AWESOME.
Can I continue?

Fine! Go on with your stupid ass boring shit. It's retarted anyway.

Any knowledge that you derive from another person means that you have to trust that person. Human mind and memories are corruptable and illogical in all sense. Even if that person is an amazing genius who can remember everything, still you need to deal with their personal and political views. No matter how "scientific" your knowledge is, it is already corrupted.

This means that every knowledge and information is a lie. As being a sentient your best bet is to get the best approximation to an information as you can. That is why scientific method is better than other methods to acquire knowledge. But the dance of theoretical and practical is always a problem. Where do we start trusting in theoretical and where do we accept it is totally different for all cases. I like theoretical physics as the next guy but are they real? They might be since the math works. But still as you would remember math is constricted by physics in this universe. So they might not be. There is still tons of shit we don't know about physics, so you cannot answer such questions.

The answer to all this dilemma is: WE DON'T KNOW!

There is nothing to be scared with not knowing. Fear of unknown is a monkey instict. And even if you believe in creation then it's something imprinted in us. We fear the unknown but you don't need to be anymore.

Just repeat after me. I don't know a shit about the universe. Again. I don't know anything.
See? Nothing to fear of. There is no evil spirits popping up to eat your soul.

Accept that you are piece of shit stain in the face of the universe. Accept that you don't know shit. 

Most of the people would reject this because of their innate encoding of Ego. And there really is no profit to be had in accepting this path.

So there is no real difference between: Movies, experiences, books, games, holy books, scientific articles. They're all fiction. Some are better fiction but still fiction. Not real.

All reality is fiction and all fiction is crap.

You feeling any better, now that you are done with this stupid post?
No, I feel like shit.

You could have just said, read Soliphism in Wikipedia.
It's Solipsism, not soliphism.