Emperor's Spears

The Emperor's Spears are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter founded from the Ultramarines at an undetermined founding.

Overview of  Chapter Data

 Cover of 'Pierce their Soul'

Tactical Squad Tempes

You can check out the storyline at clickity-click

I took this Chapter from the lexicanum, everything about it was unknown about it so I decided that its a fresh start to write about an official Chapter that has no established lore.

Old Man's Tales
When I first learned about the existance of 40K at summer of 1945, I came upon a list of Space Marine Chapters. 
Which I fell in love with. I like the first founding Chapters and the glory boys such as Black Templars but it is more interesting to have smaller stories about less well known Chapters other than the flagship Chapters.

It is obvious that GW only cares about their Ultramarines and other marines they can sell models with.
Such as:
-Obviously the GW's model selling flagship, they get a mouviey and videyya game of their own.
Blood Angels
-Most underwritten chapter ever, I don't know if James Swallow or Matt Ward is to blame or maybe the vampires are not being handled well these days with Twilight and all that fad. They needed to be darker and more complex than just sanguine-this and blood-that.
Black Templars
-Most poorly handled Chapter ever, horribly overwritten and overblown, Everything Graham wrote about Black Templars involve  BTs being 'Tactical Geniuses' and 'Heroic at melee.' How about them being the absolute negative of what Emperor wanted for Space Marines, how about being Space Crusaders. They're ignorant and crusading marines and they're not super-astartes being able to have all the good stuff to themselves. I think people who write or play BT get overzealous and act like 'this is bestest chapter evar!'. It would be pretty amazing if they had a darker crusader tone but nope, second to Ultramarines they're the Adeptus Amazingus at every subject, from melee combat to tactical geniuses.
Space Wolves 
-Wolves somehow get handled okay over a long period with cool updates/models and storylines. Probably because they were never put onto the spotlight.
Dark Angels
-Another poorly handed chapter, they could be so intense but GW didn't care much I guess.

Less well known First founding Chapters are more fun than those overblown model selling flagships.
Such as:
Iron Hands
White Scars 
Raven Guard 
-They shoved these chapters into Space Marine Codexes to squeze out some money.

Thanks to Horus Heresy series we get to see a lot of these FF Chapters but still we don't see them in M41. 
That's probably why I like Badab Wars a lot, because it involved less known Chapters with new story arcs.


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