Imperial Guard of the Idagenia System

Idagenia 'Hive' Regulars -7th Regiment

   Idagenia 'Hive' regulars  were tasked with scouting the hive cluster and defending the citizens in need. They were wiped out after the Orks breached inside the hive cluster.
   Their cheap gear is imported from Altacra Forgeworld. However the Altacran Mechanicum officials could only care less to provide appropriate camo-pants and gear to an infantry regiment based on an urban battleground. As with every Idagenia Regular, 7th is also a 'volunteer' corp. They draft from the hive workers in great numbers and even though they are light skinned, working in the factories result in skin getting darker due to chemicals and grinded dust lodging in the skin.

Idagenia 'Wallfire' Regulars -222nd Regiment
   222nd was tasked with the defense of Wallfire Bastion which resisted the Ork menace successfully at the initial attack but the great casualties suffered by the 222nd at the Battle of Wallfire caused a major retreat to be ordered and the bastion was left to the Orks even after an Imperial victory. 222nd was disbanded due to heavy losses and the remaining members introduced into the 15th Regiment.

Idagenia 'Gubernatorial' Regulars -15th Regiment
15th is the last remaining Idagenia Regular forces. They are the gubernatorial defense unit tasked with the safety of the governor Julima Ioannes Dokemiatus and the defense council.

Adi Balhareth Raiders 9th Regiment
Adi Balhareth Raiders hail from the Imperial planet of Balharra. They are not native to Idagenia system but found their way into it's battlefields thanks to the Imperial High Command. They are one of the shady regiments of Imperial Guard which engages in slave trade and looting of the Imperial garrisons. When a Balharethi citizen leave their sand ridden planet of Balharra they marvel at the opportunities in this vast galaxy to be had. Their strick and violent lives on Balharra prepares them to a life of hardship and danger. Adi Balhareth Raiders Regiment is more like a penance than an honour to a Balharethi. The regiment is an enforced duty by the Commisarat and those who are unlucky to be drafted spent their lives on distant battlefields. The honored 'volunteers' of the Raiders are usually criminals who choose service over a penal colony. Adi Balhareth Raiders 7th regiment make their own way into the grim underbelly of the Imperium and stay alive as best as they can.

Naphtali Brigadiers 62nd Regiment
A disciplined regiment that takes the fight back to the Orks at Idagenia System. Naphtali Brigadiers get their names from the Brigade units the form. Each brigade consists of a hundred infantry unit bonds as brothers. They produce their own marking and get tatooes to bond as a unit. In combat they fight as a unit and keep together even when other guardsmen would break. They are supported with armour and artillery units which form their own Brigades. The brotherhood within the Brigades are seen almost as sacred and those who lose their Brigades are formed into veteran squads which are more ruthless than the usual Naphtali.