Got Pissed: David Annan Hateview Edition

 Yes, this is a hateview(The disgusting child of hate and review, oh how clever I am!). I started this fucking audionovel 3 times and quit 2 times because it was so boring. The third time I decided "I should finish this so that I can see the entire thing, maybe it gets better.". Nope. 

    I still haven't finished it, I'm in one/tenth into the story and every sentence is an abstract explanation of something. Even the action scenes are utter boring. Sometimes you get a dialog that cuts into the unending abstract explanations and you say "Oh, someone is saying something. Something is happening, I guess.". It's incredible how bland and horrible this novel is. I mean Black Library literature is obviously shit smeared with some scifi paint but still there are many enjoyable books out there. Still nothing makes me pissed more than filler, which this entire storyline probably is.

     In all right I can't say I did finish the story, but still it's like a road paved with shit. It's good to have contempt for your audience, David Annan Dale. God fucking damn it. Fuck this novel. This guy is just horrible. I know he is a newer addition to the BL but his stories are always bland and uninteresting as far as I encountered them. I also went through the "True Name", which is a Grey Knight story. I said "Neet, a GK story, I hope this will turn out good.". Nope. It was just bland, not bad, not shitty, but bland. Nemesis by James Swallows was bad and because of how stupid it was, I hated the book with a passion and at least I felt something.

       David Annan's work is like those remake Hollywood movies where nothing happens and it's just an hour of filler scenes that is supposed to reference things you seen before. God fucking damn it, is this guy even worse than Swallows? 

      To quickly recap "True Name" is about a GK and the catch is that the nemesis of this GK(a daemon), knows his name, so he has power of the character. But I tell you, I have no fucking idea what had happened in the storyline. All I can say is something happened and the thing ended(Thank God!). 

      There is nothing worse than boring, even other writers who cause nerd-rage had some charm to them by being completely annoying. Ward with his Draigo and Swallow with his Nemesis. But this guy, I can't tell you how boring the story is. Imagine painting a wall brown and sitting in front of it for 10 hours without averting your eyes. It's THAT boring. 

     I was looking forward to his Yarrick stories but I better not get my hopes up. Its the freaking Yarrick and I cant even hope anything thanks to this fucker. Fuck you David Annan Dale.

B-but I love you Lambda-kun, can't we live in peace?