Tigers Claw Tactical & Screamers

New models:

  • Tiger Claws Tactical Squad
  • Screamers of Tzeentch

Tiger Claws Chapter Icon

Tiger Claws Tactical Squad

Tiger Claws

MarineBasic Data
Tiger Claws -
Founding Chapter:Astral Claws
Founding:Unknown, before M38; possibly the Cursed Founding
Chapter Master:Vetala (de facto, disappeared)
Colours:Armour: Dark grey/Yellow
Weaponry: Dark Blue
Strength:See Below
Battle Cry:Unknown

    Tiger Claws Chapter is lost in a warp storm and thought to be destroyed. But a company reappeares after sometime and declare to Terra that they want to rebuild the chapter and request gene-seed to be used. Terra declines their need for gene-seed and their current captain travels to Terra to protest but disappeares never to be seen again. Tiger Claws is welcomed by Huron who is currently the leader of the Maelstorm Wardens, a union of Space Marine Chapters designated to guard the Maelstorm. Huron was holding back gene-seed stocks from the reach of the High Lords of Terra and creating himself a Legion later to be called the Tyrant's Legion, during these times Tiger Claws are given gene-seed from Astral Claw's stock and rebuilt the chapter as it once were. Later in the Badab War they fought beside Huron and his allies therefore become renegade to the Imperium. When the Imperial victory is achieved they fled with Astral Claws. Their current dealings are unknown.

Tactical Squad: Vengeance of Vetala

Corsair Seargent Dimitar
WarGear: Chainsword, Icon of Wrath, Meltabomb

 Renegade Corsair Marines
Wargear: Boltgun

 Renegade Corsair Marines
Wargear: Boltgun

Renegades with Special Weapons
Wargear: Boltgun, Rocket Launcher, Flamer

Renegade Corsair Marines
Seargent's Icon, Auto-Rocket Loader Backpack, Standart Power Armour Backpack

Unidentified Heretics Found: Investigation Underway



I tried achieving the color scheme provided in the Badab War Book I. Eyes are painted as red sockets with a white  line on the upper part. It was fairly exhausting but the outcome was fine. Iconogrophy usually made of scrolls and nothing else. That sucked but made the models pretty straightforward to paint. I enjoyed most the Rocket Launcher carrier and seargent since they have other parts on them. Seargent has an icon, a big scroll and a meltabomb as accessories on his belt. Rocket dude has a knife, a loader backpack and a rocket launcher as predicted.

Screamers Of Tzeentch

Screamers of Tzeentch


These models came in various shapes with tentacle, head variations. These 3 are the ones I liked most from those choices. I've chosen the ones with fangs mostly 


Theyre fairly simple to assemble since theyre just body + head + tentacles. 


I wanted them to put into the game as soon as possible so I've hurried a little. I've  undercoated and painted them in a really short time(4 days), each took something like 4-5 hours to finish. I used different blues and washes to create the skin and the tone, White grey colors are used on the billion teeth they have. Eyes were really fun to paint and the best part of these models. They're red with yellow/orange eye balls.