Got Pissed : Mechanicum Edition

I'm pissed that mechanicum have wooden rifles that look like WHFB weapons.
These are WHFB skaven riflers
And this one is a WHFB Empire Engineer with a rifle.
Wooden stock rifles are really old rifles(Pre-WW2) or muskets.
Or they're expensive game rifles that show status and wealth.
Although there are wooden parts to modern rifles they are not necessary.
GunNerd: They're totally necessary because of X Y Z!!!
Shut your god damn air-hole you piece of fat shit.

Mechanicum priesthood shun the flesh and worship machines,
as you rise through the ranks you become more machine than men.
So it is completely illogical for Techpriest to use inferior materials
such as wood on their weapons.
And they would not use it to show how rich they are since
mere status does not equate to knowledge or a rare technology.
So why do these guys need wooden weapons? Answer is...

They're steampunk weapons.
They have coils and ribs.
Made of wood and brass that looks archaic.
And steampunk is popular these days.
GW is trying to cash in on it.
Not suprising of GW.

40K failed in becoming a trend so they follow other mainstream trends to keep the company afloat.
GW: You like deadpool steampunk cosplay? Here we have an entire steampunk army!

This was an important thing that required me to spent 15 mins to prepare this piece of crap blog post. I'm apparently a genius to figure this out but it had to be done, the world is a better place now.