Got Pissed : DO NOT STEAL! Edition

As we all know 40K universe is a combination universe that take its elements from many different sources of creation. These include old literature, pop culture, classic scifi and history.

So, stea-I mean inspiring from such a  broad range of creations made GW susceptible to many problems in the legals department.

They even claimed they own the term 'Space Marine' which was around in science fiction for a very long time. This was a little event that happened few years back and GW got a major backlash from everyone in scifi business, google for : gw space marine lawsuit.

Having so many different factions and names in the universe, GW found the way of eliminating these legal issues by changing the names of their 'unique' elements with made up names. I will post such references and changes here.

If you want to contribute, mail or comment and I will add them(Not that anyone ever will).

1 - We'll be back. Necron Codex 3rd edition
He will be back, in terrible reference movies such as Genisys.
So they changed the name from "We'll be back" which is
the plural form of "I'll be back" to "Reanimation Protocols".
GW : Please don't sue us Mr. Cameron.

 2 - Imperial Guard to Astra Militarum

After years of using the old name, GW decided to label their army with a
new name. I'm sure there are morons out there who defend this saying
"b-buh Space Mahreens are called Adeptuc Astratum for years", if you are
one such person, consider self-execution.

Imperial Guard is a historical term for any royal guard unit but most well
known in the Napoleanic Era with British and French royal guards.
Any royal guard can be called an Imperial Guard but I don't think GW
was afraid that Napoleon would rise from the grave to sue them.

Ever heard something called Star Wars? Well these bad boys are still
cannon in the SW cinematic universe and even though they were not
featured in the new movie they are still shown in Ep3 and Ep6.

GW : Mr. Disney please don't sue us, we are sorry.
Oh you're dead? Well your lawyers sure aren't.
There are also other Imperial Guards in fiction.
Let's roll one now!

Rolled 1 on Regiment Classification
Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and competent in their service.

Rolled  34 on Recruitment Criteria
Nobility: Bought their commission for honor and glory.

Rolled 2 on Nature of Recruitment
Elite tithe: The best of the best of the planet were recruited for this regiment.

Rolled 12 on Home World
Hive World: No claustrophobia, excellent sense of direction? Urban combat!

Rolled 87 on Home World Predominant Terrain
Airless: They don't fear the void like most.

Rolled 45 on Regiment Core Units
Light Infantry

Rolled 7 on Specialization
Ranged Combat

Rolled 10 on Loyalty Rating
Heretical: This regiment has abandoned the truth of the Emperor.(AHAHAHA!)

Rolled 91 on Special Equipment
Modified Weaponry

Rolled 75 on Regiment Creed
Best of the Best: The regiment believes itself to be elite and constantly strives to prove itself.
(I was wishing for We Must Repent or Esoteric Beliefs but BotB will do.)

Rolled 34 on Regiment Friends 
Scholastia Psykana(hmm)

Rolled 47 on Regiment Enemies

Rolled 64 on Minor Xenos Species/Empires

You guessed right, I have no friends!