Update : 25.01.2017

I'm a frog.

Ribbity-ribbidy Motherfucker

Update : 23.01.2017

Welcome to Innsmouth, have a nice lynching.

"I once ate fish. It stopped moving after the third bite."
Go Trump go! Show em who's the boss!
Lovecraft stole the Mind Flayers from the DND and Faceless Ones from WOW.
BOOO! Loser fuck come up with something original.

Piss and shit all over me.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
It's wrong to ask but can you spare anymore?

She ran to the attic but I tracked her down.
Time to have some fun.

I found Cthulhu in disguise, look at how huge he is compared to my gun.
Holy shit! Lovecraft stole the underwater city idea from Bioshock.
Can you be less original you fucking retard!

Now, this is getting ridiculous.
Do you really have to steal the Tiberium too?
You are one hacked asshole Lovecrack.
Oh my Gosh! He stole Necron technologies too.
Get good Lovehack.

He also stole Slanns.

I dedicate this part to John Ronald Reuel Lovecraft.
A true thief and hack.
He never managed to get good and always stole from common pop-culture video games.
He didn't even figured out a way to color his steam profile picture as you see above.
A true loser and a fuck.

Update : 13.12.2016

Kicking homo ass at my joint with my casual jumpsuit and a katana.

Yeah! Serves you right for coming to my club, you homo fuck!

Update : 01.12.2016

Santa fighting against aliens from outer space.

Santa saviouring your pretty ass from the alien menace.

RIP Santa (280-2030)

Update : 27.11.16

A modern masterpiece. Your eyes burn just by looking at it.
After I killed all the prisoners, he decided that Caesar needs prisoners so he volunteered to be one.
Now that's dedication.

How I failed to save the president.
Spoiler : I shot 'im.
Why R U mad U fuckin cowboy and eyepatch asshole? Why? Why? Oh, because I shot the president, okay.

It's the ape-man from the new Star Wars movie.

Josh : Is this the Future we wanted?
Esmeralda : Just shut up and fuck me you beautiful nigger.

Update: 21.11.16

Is there really a God?
Not anymore.

-Funny Tip-
When you start a new map, discover resources that your ally mines,
then build these cheap wooden-walls around them to prevent him from mining.
So you can gather them yourself later on. AI wastes resources anyway.

You don't even need to build it to completion, just let your villager hammer the wall once and it counts as an obstacle.

Seriously, AI can't get past this trap. They move down the murder-path and get mowed down. Hard difficulty.

Multiple, simultaneous and devastating defensive rapes.

This artwork is called : "Multiculturalism"

Iratian Albarnian, also known as DeepthroatMan.

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